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How Not to Select Leaders

February 6, 2013

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In 2 Chronicles 10 (and 1 Kings 12), Solomon’s son Rehoboam has assumed the throne and almost immediately the kingdom divides. Obviously he was not vetted as a leader, but put in charge only because he was “next”. God’s Kingdom (the church) has suffered the same fate – From the single united group that assembled that day in Acts 2 we now have hundreds of denominations that split away. Poorly selected church leaders have innovated new ways to worship and have tried to blaze paths to salvation other than the one given in Acts 2:38.

Be careful not to allow your faith to be spoon fed to you. Do your diligence and select where you worship and study with based on what you read in the Bible.

Daily Bible Reading for Feb 6

Jacob and Esau are reunited. Rehoboam decides to be a tougher ruler than Solomon. The Holy Spirit comes upon the Apostles.

Psalm 36
Genesis 33
2 Chronicles 10
Acts 2

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