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Joy in the Lord

February 3, 2013

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If you want a template for the proper attitude towards the Lord read Psalm 33 very closely. Here is a call to joyful praise of a good and considerate Lord who is our help and our shield.

Here are some questions for this Lord’s Day:

  1. Will there be joy in your worship today or will your heart be somewhere else?
  2. Will you be pleased to return a contribution to God’s work or do you make that offering reluctantly?
  3. Will you sing each word with equal emotion and thought or pass through the words without consideration of their intent?

Daily Bible Reading For Feb 3:

Jacob works out his wages with Laban. God tells Solomon how to keep His blessings from turning into curses. Jesus is crucified.

Psalm 33
Genesis 29:31-30:43
2 Chronicles 7
Luke 23:26-56

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