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The Truth Hurts

February 22, 2013

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So there Paul was in Ephesus – teaching and converting people to Christianity like a pro. The problem was the little statues of the Greek gods were becoming obsolete because people began worshiping the one true God. They created a stir so loud and large that some people didn’t even know why they were rioting. (Acts 19:21-41)

I just today saw in the local TV news that an outspoken evangelist is being accused of hate speech. While there are no actual witnesses to these things, the rumor is that he leads vicious rallies targeted at homosexuals. His contention is that homosexuality a sin – along with premarital sex and adultery. He says that he doesn’t hate gay people, but the New Testament clearly makes that lifestyle a sin. He has created a lot of enemies by teaching the truth and they are talking about protesting the church where he works.

Some things never change.

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