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The Quick Forgiver

February 11, 2013

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God is a quick forgiver.

Asa brought peace to Judah by restoring God to the kingdom (2 Chronicles 15). Saul, the one bringing terror to the new Christians, was converted and made the teacher to the Gentiles by the Lord (Acts 9:1-31).

God was so quick to forgive Nineveh that it upset Jonah (Jonah 3:10 – 4:1)

With these examples we can leave with two lessons today:

  1. It’s never too late to get God’s forgiveness and change the direction of our lives. We’re never “too far gone”.
  2. We should probably offer forgiveness to anyone we are withholding it from. Soon. Now.

Which do you need to do?

Daily Bible reading for Feb 11

Judah’s children are born. Asa reforms the Kingdom of Judah’s attitude toward God. Saul is baptized in Damascus.

Psalm 41
Genesis 38
2 Chronicles 15
Acts 9:1-31

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