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Great Expectations

February 5, 2013

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The Apostles are flush with a great expectation for what is to come. They believe Jesus is about to restore the Kingdom of Israel – actually, they have believed that was what Jesus’ ministry was about from the beginning. (Acts 1:6-11) They would know soon enough just how big the events were going to be. The Holy Spirit would soon come upon them and give them all of the answers they would need to save souls and build up God’s Kingdom. In the same way, the Spirit has given you what you need to be fully informed (2 Timothy 3:16-17) to go about the work of teaching and saving souls (2 Timothy 2:2). Can you model your ministry after what these men did for the church?

Daily Reading for Feb 5

Jacob sends word to Esau and wrestles God. Solomon meets the Queen of Sheba, has his wealth inventoried and Dies. The Apostles choose a new twelfth.

Psalm 35
Genesis 32
2 Chronicles 9
Acts 1

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