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Eight Reasons Not to Skip Bible Study

February 24, 2013

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Paul never missed an opportunity to do a Bible study. (Granted, his Bible was in his head, put there by the Holy Spirit) In fact, even when he was in jail he converted the jailer  (Acts 16:31-34) During his travels Paul made sure he was somewhere to worship with the saints on the first day of the week. (References throughout Acts) Paul knew this was how to build churches and Christians (Acts 20:32)

As you prepare to attend Bible study (Sunday school, Wednesday evening service) at the next opportunity, (especially if you are deciding whether to go) think about these reasons you should be there, ready to participate:

  1. It is a rewarding privilege
  2. If we don’t, we cast our vote to stop scheduling it.
  3. Our influence and contributions to the Lord’s work is dependent on attending.
  4. It helps lead the lost to Christ.
  5. Jesus would attend if He were here.
  6. It’s not optional.
  7. It stabilizes our homes.
  8. It part of the example we set.

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