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Helping Jesus Triumph

September 27, 2013

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Flevit super illam (He wept over it) 1892 - Enrique Simonet (1866–1927)

Flevit super illam (He wept over it) 1892 – Enrique Simonet (1866–1927)

From the time of Jesus’ triumphal entry (Luke 19:37) until his crucifixion, the Pharisees were able to turn the crowd against Jesus. In less than a week, nearly everyone was influenced and mobilized against him.

Turning the crowd’s attitude seems to be pretty easy:

  • We have seen lots of laws passed in the last few years that that would have never been considered before.
  • We see attitudes and actions being praised that would have ruined careers in previous generations.
  • We are giving away rights and responsibilities that many before us died over.

The formula is straight-forward:

  • Plant an idea.
  • Talk about it.
  • Live it.
  • Repeat.

I believe we still have enough devoted Christians to do the same thing they did.

But someone has to start.

Daily Bible reading for September 27

Psalm 57
2 Samuel 16:15-17:23
Ezekiel 18
Luke 19:28-46

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