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A Faith Lesson from Daniel

September 5, 2013

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As Daniel noted the new decree that no one should be worshiped except the king, he went straight to his room and prayed. (Daniel 6:10)

Daniel’s attitude is a model for all Christians, no matter how God and his followers are attacked.

  • He was not defiant – we see that he didn’t make a big deal out the fact he was going to worship his God. He just went about it as was his habit.
  • He was not a coward – we do not see Daniel hiding his worship either. In fact, the folks that set him up to commit a “crime” easily caught him in the act of worshiping.
  • He continued as always – It is difficult to fight for the right to practice something when we failed to exercise that right before it was threatened.
  • His window was open toward Jerusalem – We send mixed messages when we claim to put God first but “open our windows” toward money, fashions, government or any other type of secular concern.
  • He was faithful – Daniel didn’t have any concern for what his enemies thought, what the government legislated or his personal safety. Trusting God always works out in the long run

By the end of Daniel 6, God was recognized by the kingdom and the freedom to worship not only was preserved, but was enhanced.

Through Daniel’s example of faith, we see that God’s plan will prevail without our having to force it. We just need to …

  • keep living faithful lives
  • worship regularly without apology but without an air of defiance
  • teach others when we can
  • be an influence that makes others notice

… and let God use us to complete his work.


Daniel in the Lions’ Den circa 1614/1616 – Sir Peter Paul Rubens (Flemish, 1577 – 1640 )

Daily Bible reading for September 5

Psalm 34
1 Samuel 25
Daniel 6
Luke 3:23-4:13

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