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How to Make God Glad

September 4, 2013

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Have you ever heard your mother or your wife start moving pots and pans in the kitchen and you knew exactly what she was about to make? Maybe it is the distinct sound of a mixing bowl or a cookie sheet. Whatever it happens to be, those sounds make your heart jump because you know something good is coming.

I wonder if that’s something like the psalmist was thinking when he said “praise befits the upright” (Psalm 33:1) …

I think about a God whose heart is glad when his children come together in fellowship. How must he feel when he hears the sounds of Christians encouraging each other? Does his attention snap right to us when the congregation begins a song of praise?

Like Noah's sacrifice, what can we do today that God would consider a fragrant smell?

Like Noah’s sacrifice, what can we do today that God would consider a fragrant smell?

  • Noah’s sacrifice caused the Lord to make a promise (Genesis 8:20-22)
  • Paul tells us our sacrifices are a credit to us (Philippians 4:14-18)
  • Brotherly love is a sacrifice that gets God’s attention (Ephesians 5:1-2)

As we conduct ourselves today, what can we do to make God feel the same way we feel when the pots and pans rattle? What could give him the pleasure we know from the smell of hot cookies right out of the oven?

Making God feel that way – to make God Glad – is the attitude with which we should be giving our praise, our offerings and our worship.

Daily Bible reading for September 4

Psalm 33
1 Samuel 23-24
Daniel 5
Luke 3:1-22

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