Daily Bible Reading for Wednesday, January 24th:

How to be Abraham’s Seed


When we become Christians, we become part of the covenant made by God to Abraham. The result is, we get to be counted as his seed. It doesn’t matter what color our skin is or our station in life, it applies to all Christians! This is the sum total reason why everything from Abraham to Christ’s resurrection happened.

The way to membership in that covenant then, is to get into Christ. Galatians 3 is a popular scripture to mislead people from the correct way to get “into Christ.” (I’ve posted about how to get into Christ before.)

The truth of Galatians 3 is this:

  1. We grow our faith by hearing about it, (Galatians 3:2, 5) and therefore reading and understanding the word of God (Romans 10:17)
  2. We become children of God by that faith in Christ when we are baptized into him (Galatians 3: 26-27)

If anyone uses Galatians 3 to try and tell you there is another way to get into Christ outside of these steps, don’t fall for it! It’s a trick!


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