Daily Bible Reading for Thursday, February 22nd:

How to Learn the Truth

Stoning of St Stephen - ~1435 - Paolo Uccello (1397–1475)

Stoning of St Stephen – ~1435 – Paolo Uccello (1397–1475)

Acts 8:1 says Saul approved of the execution of Stephen.

He thought he was doing God’s will – all the way up until he met Christ in a vision on the way to Damascus in Acts 9

At any given time on our Christian walk, there is more we need to know. No matter how mature in the word we think we are, there are corrections to make and more understanding we can gain.

There are many “versions” of God’s word being taught in the world, but only one we will be compared with at the judgment.

The way to find the right one is go to the source.

Study it then review it.


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