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How to Convert the Tough Cases

Peter Confronts Simon - 1620 - Avanzino Nucci

Peter Confronts Simon – 1620 – Avanzino Nucci

Despite being fully immersed in practicing something other than the gospel, Simon believed and was baptized when he heard the genuine “good news.” (Acts 8:9-13)

It is difficult to teach – or even approach – someone that has a lot invested in a false doctrine. (By false doctrine, I mean a teaching that is different from what the Bible teaches.) Like Simon …

…their personal income might come from it.

…they may have started a large project in its name.

…they may have committed time and money to help spread it.

Luckily, since true faith only comes from the word of God, (Romans 10:17) it is not impossible to change someone in these situations. Philip showed us that in the Simon the Sorcerer account.

Note that I didn’t say it was easy, just possible.

The possibility comes…

  • from commanding the knowledge needed to prove the false teaching wrong
  • from living a lifestyle that reflects what you teach
  • from standing your ground even when it makes the relationship uncomfortable.

Luckily, God only holds us accountable for planting the seed of truth – He’ll give the increase in his own time. (1 Corinthians 3:6-7) Like Simon, if they desire to be honest with their heart, they will come around to the truth.

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