Daily Bible Reading for Monday, January 22nd:

When He Hears Us

I’ve heard Christians lift the last bit of James 4:2, “you have not because you ask not”, for use as a reminder to pray. I’m not so sure that’s what James meant there in the middle of warning the people against unruly passions and desires.

It probably has more to do with the fact that the tendency to become worldly extinguishes the desire to pray. It’s even more likely God has quit listening anyway. The way people wind up on that path is they…

  • want more and more
  • become overly proud
  • covet things they didn’t even know they wanted

Sometimes there might be prayer, but it is a vain attempt because the heart isn’t right. (James 4:3)

That’s not to say one can get in the right state and get a positive answer to every prayer. We have to remember that “No” is an answer too. The Bible has a number of hints on how to get God to hear our prayers:file000834482034

  • He hears the cry of righteousness (Psalm 34:15)
  • He hears the call of truth (Psalm 145:18)
  • He hears those who are humbled (Luke 18:14)
  • He hears those speaking in the Lord’s name (John 14:13)
  • He hears those who believe in what they ask (Mark 11:24)
  • He hears those asking according to his will (1 John 5:14)

The common denominator of all of these is that they require us to quit our friendship with the world. The more we wish for and put effort into worldly pleasures, the farther we remove ourselves from God. James compares those who do that to adulterers. (James 4:4)

So draw near to God. (James 4:8a)

The way Christ put it, we need to be in a continuous effort of seeking, asking and knocking if we expect the Lord to hear us. (Matthew 7:7-8)

Daily Bible reading for October 31

Psalm 91
1 Kings 22:41-53
Zechariah 4
James 4:1-10

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