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15 Reasons Everyone Knows God

Think about this for a minute: In Romans 1:18-23, Paul is saying that everyone should have a clue about God. He is specifically talking about the pre-Christian era Gentiles that had full access to the knowledge of God, but chose to ignore it in favor of the “ungodly and unrighteous.”

Wait a minute …

Even though the Jews were the chosen people, the Gentiles supposedly knew about God? Here are fifteen reasons why the answer is yes:

Meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek — by Dieric Bouts the Elder, 1464–67

Meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek — by Dieric Bouts the Elder, 1464–67

  1. Adam was alive when Noah’s father Lamech was born. – Firsthand knowledge of God was available through to the flood!
  2. Beginning post flood, 100% of the world once again knew and feared God.
  3. Between Noah and Abram, God was worshipped and taught through the ministry of priests like Melchizedek
  4. Through Hagar and Ishmael, the entire Arab nation knew of the one true God
  5. Abraham taught Sodom and the eleven kings about God
  6. Through Lot’s family the Moabites and Ammonites knew God.
  7. Sodom and Gomorrah (and Lot’s wife) were punishments from God for wickedness
  8. Abimelech heard directly from God in a dream because of Sarah
  9. Esau’s descendants, the Edomites, knew God
  10. Through Joseph, the Egyptians knew God
  11. Moses reminded the Egyptians of God’s power through miracles attacking their popular gods.
  12. Israel’s captors (the Persians and the Medes) were introduced to the power of God (Think Daniel, Esther, Ezra …)
  13. The inhabitants of the promised land knew to be afraid when the ark was present
  14. Jonah saved Nineveh
  15. Gideon destroyed baal

So, back to Paul’s point, there is no excuse for not knowing God. I stopped at 15 key ways God made Himself known, but the list could go on. Even Plato and Cicero had an idea about the spirituality only known through God!

Therefore, it is man’s own fault when God is not known or ignored though his foolish heart. (Romans 1:22)

Daily Bible reading for October 5

Psalm 65
1 Kings 1:1-27
Ezekiel 26
Romans 1:18-32

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