Daily Bible Reading for Monday, January 22nd:

Piles of Money

Jesus used The Parable of the Rich Fool as a lesson in stewardship over the things we have on loan in this earthly life. (Luke 12:13-21) Money is a tool for living and serving and is no more evil than a hay rake when used properly.

Put your heart into things you can do with money, not into the money.

Put your heart into things you can do with money, not into the money.

As one famous money matter expert put it, we’re supposed to save some, spend some, and give some away. We can see these actions in most of the godly people written about in the Bible.

So where did the rich fool go wrong?

  • He hoarded his wealth instead of using it for service to God
  • He assumed he had a long time left
  • He decided he was above working now that “he had it made”

Jesus said more than once that our heart follows what we treasure, (Luke 12:34, Matthew 6:21) so putting our heart into something like money and riches – something that is not everlasting – is a foolish exercise.

Daily Bible reading for September 18

Psalm 48
2 Samuel 8
Ezekiel 8
Luke 12:13-48


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