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How Many Days Do We Have Left?

February 6, 2014

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timePreviously, I made a big deal over Matthew 24:4 and Jesus’ warning not us to be led astray.

Matthew 24:36-44 is a great passage to completely make my point. Many are teaching that we will know through some apocalyptic signs that Christ is on his way back. In this passage, Jesus sets a few things straight about the judgment:

  • Only God himself knows the day it will happen (Matthew 24:36)
  • We will carry on in our lives until the instant it happens (Matthew 24:39)
  • We are warned to be ever watchful (or awake) (Matthew 24:42)
  • It’s as unreasonable to think we can guess the day as it is to expect a thief in our house tonight (Matthew 24:43)

One of Satan’s best tools to trick Christians out of their salvation is to allow them to think they have plenty of time. People have a tendency to believe this lie of having all the time we need, until suddenly, they don’t.

Each additional day we have is a gift. What is one way you can use today a little better?

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