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Why We Stick to a Plan

June 2, 2014

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Good Structures, successful projects and profitable business all have solid plans behind them. Why shouldn't the Lord's Kingdom?

Good Structures, successful projects and profitable business all have solid plans behind them. Why shouldn’t the Lord’s Kingdom?

May was a month of special circumstances for me.

Our daughter was married, we changed churches and we took a mini vacation. The toll these things took on the daily routine I follow was more than I expected. Of all the things it has affected, my Bible study and writing flow is what concerns me most.

I really enjoy starting my day with my daily Bible reading. I consider writing this blog to be a part of that daily devotional and it has become important to the organizing and understanding what I read each day. So why is it so difficult to maintain the routine after it gets interrupted?

I’m sure there is some “sciency” explanation for it, but it helps me see the wisdom of God for some of the things he put in place for us. He made sure we have the framework in place to be successful in our salvation. What’s more, he did it so we are not mindless followers, but his loving children.

He gave us the church

Imagine how difficult it would be to remain devoted without a group of like-minded brethren! The emotional and physical support it provides us is key to a godly lifestyle.

He gave us regular opportunities to worship

The accountability a regular worship service provides us should not be undervalued. Yes, we grow to love the worship service and the edification it gives us. Let’s face it, we need the elders and members looking after each other to help us stay consistent, don’t we?

He gave us his word

We know from the Gospel of John that Jesus was the word in the flesh. We know the word of God reveals to us everything we need to know about him. We know the word fills us with hope for what we have in store for tomorrow. The more we read the word, the more we grow from it.

Give in to the routine

So many are concerned when things get too routine. The world has made being “in a rut” out to be something bad. Not only is that wrong thinking, there are no examples of anything successful that occurred because of random actions.

No businesses, no people, no projects are successful without a plan that follows a proven formula.

When the formula changes, you get something different.

Think about that the next time you complain about “the same ol’ same ol’!”


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