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How to Really Please the Lord

June 6, 2014

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Just leaving a Bible out in view can be enough to get a Bible study started.

Just leaving a Bible out in view can be enough to get a Bible study started.

When people live so that they please the Lord,
even their enemies will make peace with them. – Proverbs 16:7 NCV

Moral boundaries are being erased at every turn. It isn’t hard to find someone willing to make fun of those that believe in God. “Alternative” lifestyles are being accepted as normal. Many worry about admitting their belief in God in the “wrong setting.”

You have the ability to make the opposite happen. Living in a way that promotes God is powerful:

  • Insist that those around you not use “four-letter-words” and see how quickly they respect your wishes.
  • Leave a Bible in the open and see how many supportive comments and questions you get.
  • Decline to attend meetings or events that conflict with church, Bible study or related activities and tell them why. I’ve had regular meeting dates changed this way.

When you are willing to stand firm on your belief of God and live accordingly, you will find others quite willing to respect you for it and will often become receptive to learning more. The key is to know why you shouldn’t be ashamed (Romans 1:16-17).

One final thought … Did you know that there is a way to get Christ to mention your name to the Father? Look at Matthew 10:32-33.

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January 15, 2013

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Luke 9:26 records Jesus saying that he is ashamed of anyone that is ashamed of him. That could happen to us when we have the opportunity to talk about him. The temptation is often overwhelming to pass on it so we don’t create any sort of debate.

If this describes you, your challenge is to mention God, talk about Jesus dying for your sins, or mention that you are a daily Bible reader just one time this week.

…but be prepared for your spirit to grow!

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