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The Savor of Salt

March 15, 2013

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An extreme measure had to be taken with the sinful children of Israel. The very thing that got them dropped from God’s good grace – the thing that got them captured – the thing that was going to get them destroyed once and for all had to be dealt with.

As soon as they got back to their own land they began to intermarry with the idolaters that lived nearby.

Ezra took care of it by having them put away those wives. It was expressly forbidden to intermarry if one was a Jew. (Ezra 10)

In the same way the God’s chosen people were to be different, we Christians are to be a peculiar people or a chosen people. We are to influence and be leaders. This is the savor in the salt that Jesus was talking about (Matthew 5:13) When we join with the world, we lose that ability.

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