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Paying the Price

April 11, 2014

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The cost of following Jesus is high. Do you have enough in you to do it right?

The cost of following Jesus is high. Do you have enough in you to do it right?

This stings:

An old friend of mine posted something critical of Christians on Facebook the other day.

We can read the “count the cost” passages (Luke 14:25-33) over and over, but it still hurts when something like that happens. Is that what he has really thought of me all this time?

The post was a political one that set up a straw man attack on Christians. Even though it was not a personal attack, an attack on the group I am most proud to be associated with still feels personal.

This is the kind of thing we’ll continue to have to deal with. All we can really do about is “shake the dust off our feet” and move one. Sure, we will lose the occasional “friend” over it, but it is all part of the transition from counting the cost to paying the price.

Paying the full price is what Christ requires. (Luke 14:33)

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Jesus Knew it Would Cost Us Plenty

February 26, 2014

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The cost of following Jesus is high. Do you have enough in you to do it right?

The cost of following Jesus is high. Do you have enough in you to do it right?

Being a Christian isn’t very popular right now.

The world’s leaders, the personalities on television and those with popular platforms are doing their best to exchange what God commands for what they define as “good.”

Even some Christians are picking and choosing what part of God’s word they want to obey.

Mark 8:34-38 contains some very straightforward teaching from Christ to his followers:

  • One must deny himself – What we want is irrelevant in the big picture (Mark 8:34)
  • We should be ready to sacrifice everything for Christ – Up to and including our lives (Mark 8:35)
  • Worldly luxuries and recognition are worthless compared to our soul (Mark 8:36-37)
  • We can make Christ ashamed of us – We should always be willing to confess Jesus as the son of God and talk about him whenever we get the chance. (Mark 8:38)

In the United States, there used to be a general respect for a person’s beliefs. This has slowly become an attitude of “Your beliefs are offensive” and tolerance has become a very one-sided proposition.

To be the kind of follower that Jesus wants, we have to be ready to face that kind of attitude. If we don’t, I’m afraid we will allow the momentum against us to continue to build.

Christians are in a tough position. Especially the kind of Christian who has the wherewithal to take Mark 8:34-38 seriously. Jesus knew it would be tough and he told us to “count the cost” before we take on the responsibility of being his follower. (Luke 14:28)

But think about it – if we are not willing to make that kind of sacrifice for Jesus, how much faith do we really have in him?

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Counting the Cost

January 23, 2013

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“Counting the cost” almost seems like a cliché. Jesus wants his followers to understand that following him means forsaking all else. He expects us to put him first in our lives.

As acceptable as it has recently become to speak ill against a Christian, the reality of “counting the cost” is going to become very real to some people. (Luke 14:25-33). Just in case you are one of them, challenge yourself to be prepared for the opportunity to stand up for Christ!

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