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Here’s a Strategy to Be More Like Jesus

May 19, 2014

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Our level of consistency is typically quite noticeable.

Our level of consistency is typically quite noticeable.

“He is consistent. ”

These are the words I want to hear about myself. When I read about Jesus from John’s viewpoint, I see consistency most of all.

I’m trying to be like that.

Jesus’ message never changed – not even when the Jews were ready to use the rocks in their hands. (John 10:31) That was the key to attracting new believers. Through the various discourses in John 8, 9 and 10 and beyond, we see new believers following Jesus despite the ones that wanted to kill him. If Jesus had ever made mistake, his entire ministry might have failed.

The believers saw the consistency in his message. That is powerful. We could do the same thing by remaining true to God’s word in our speech, our actions and our decisions. When we do, people notice.

But worse, when we don’t – people notice.

Many Christians are inconsistent in their message:

  • They are doing questionable activities – TV show choices, immodest dress, social drinking …
  • They are not reading their Bibles – yet they tell others they follow what the Bible says
  • They are not in church – they are not doing things to help their faith grow

If we are to teach God’s word and expect it to spread, it would be a good idea to live God’s word.

Maybe we have made mistakes in the past, but the time is always right for starting over. We can always develop a reputation as a Christian by just taking the time to do the work.

  • Let’s be diligent and read our Bibles
  • Let’s talk more about why we believe
  • Let’s root out questionable behaviors and habits in our lives

When someone notices you are consistent, you will know you are on the right track.

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