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Seeing the Big Picture

July 6, 2013

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Last night a group from my church and some guests from some other congregations sat down together and read Genesis. This is our no discussion, no commentary group reading I’ve written about before. We call it Biblepalooza to contrast our love for God’s word against the worldly activities that use up our time. These long sessions always take me through a new depth of understanding that I have never experienced before.

A quilt has hundreds of seems and edges pieced together for a single beautiful pattern

A quilt has hundreds of seems and edges pieced together for a single beautiful pattern

Last night I saw God’s plan unfold. It was almost like stepping back and looking at the big picture beside God.

Despite the efforts to tear down and defile God’s creation, he showed us over and over again that his will is going to win out in the end. Even to the extent of using evil men, God can make good come out of even the worst of situations. (Genesis 50:20)

When we take a Christian look at current events, it is easy to get shaken up. Sometimes we even ask, what has happened to “God’s people?” Our view might be described as that from the underside of a patchwork quilt. The rough edges of the seams, the hanging threads and faded colors do not do justice to the beauty on the other side.

Ecclesiastes 3 helps us understand a few things:

  • Man cannot circumvent God’s time and seasons
  • Man should accept that God’s will is beyond his control
  • Everything has a purpose in God’s scheme
  • Sometimes it is good to pull back and look at things from the perspective of eternity

It is God’s intent to use us in his kingdom. He wants us out there teaching and being an example as close to Christ-like as we can humanly be. (2 Timothy 2:2, Philippians 4:9) His plan will be complete in his time. It is good to know that the path we are on right now might have something to do with that.

Daily Bible reading for July 6

Ecclesiastes 3:9-22
Joshua 4
Zephaniah 3:9-20
Matthew 15

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