Daily Bible Reading for Friday, February 23rd:

How to Relive Paul’s Trip to Damascus

Ananias Restoring Paul's Sight - 1631 - Pietro da Cortona

Ananias Restoring Paul’s Sight – 1631 – Pietro da Cortona

The events that led up to Paul’s baptism and conversion were pretty extreme. (Acts 9:1-18) In a matter of days he went from hunting those who believed Jesus was Christ to proving Jesus was Christ. (Acts 9:19-25)

Lucky for us, God doesn’t have to take that kind of action anymore.

Now, we have everything God wants us to know printed and bound and readily accessible. We can sit and read about the events that led up to Christ and the spread of the Gospel in the comfort of our home.

We can see the pain in the minds of the prophets.

We can see the doubt of the children of Israel.

We can see the excitement that Jesus brought to those that needed him.

We can see the urgency of Paul’s message.

Not only is the printed word readily available, we have digital alternatives that are often free. In devices that fit in our pocket, we can have any translation, word search for scriptures and attach personal notes to the text. It seems like having a Bible is no big deal anymore.

God put a lot of people through a lot of trouble to get the word out and confirm its truth.

And it worked!

In light of all that … Shouldn’t we make Bible study a higher priority?


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