Daily Bible Reading for Thursday, February 22nd:

Struggling to Get in the Trap

Freedom doesn't always look like we thought it would.

Freedom doesn’t always look like we thought it would.

The world thinks that living outside of God’s boundaries provides some sort of freedom.

The Proverb writer did not think so:

Evil people are trapped by their own sin,
but good people can sing and be happy. – Proverbs 29:6 NCV

By looking at other versions we can see they used different words to try to get the point across:

  • snare
  • ensnared
  • caught
  • etc.

In the Greek, the literal word is a noose or a nose hook. Sin does not give us freedom – it places us in a noose!

Look at the things a careless lifestyle causes:

  • bad reputations
  • addictions
  • health issues
  • relationship problems

The list could keep going, but isn’t that enough?

Godly and faithful people have much cause for celebration. They have hope. (Hebrews 11:1) Those who will not or cannot turn from their sinful ways do not know hope. They also do not know the peace Paul describes in Philippians 4:4-8.

Choose to stay with God’s freedom.

Choose hope.

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