Daily Bible Reading for Wednesday, January 24th:

Running Out The Clock

“Are there not twelve hours in a day?” – John 11:9a

How we choose to use our alloted time is critical

How we choose to use our alloted time is critical

The way the Jews marked time, the daylight was always broken into twelve parts. Winter or summer, there were twelve “hours” of light so some hours were a lot shorter than others.

In the account of raising Lazarus from the dead, Jesus knew the urgency of doing God’s will before his “day” was over. It was dangerous to go back to where he had angered the Jews, but God’s will was most important. (John 11:1-16) Even the disciples sensed this and prepared themselves to face the peril (John 11:16)

We face the same urgency. We cannot be sure how long our “twelve hours” will last.

Following Jesus’ lead, we need to make use of our lifetime to do God’s will – no matter how the world treats us.

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