Daily Bible Reading for Wednesday, January 24th:

An Opinion and a Dollar Buys a Cup of Coffee

Opinions are offered freely as if they have value

Opinions are offered freely as if they have value

Jesus called it.

Jesus really nailed how the world would react to him in John 15:18-25.

The world hated him.

The world hated the Apostles.

The world hates God’s word.

You might have noticed the world hates when you talk about God’s word too. Making a reference to the Bible often ends a moral discussion in a stalemate because they hate hearing it.

It is worse when “Christians” do it. More and more, they let opinions, feelings and thoughts take precedence over the written word of God. They have begun to let the world dictate what is acceptable.

They choose what they want over what God wants.

What will get you to heaven – obeying God’s word or popular opinion?


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