Daily Bible Reading for Sunday, February 18th:

4 Tasks to Get Our Spiritual House Clean

An etching by Jan Luyken illustrating Luke 12:41-48 in the Bowyer Bible, Bolton, England.

An etching by Jan Luyken illustrating Luke 12:41-48 in the Bowyer Bible, Bolton, England.

Firemen are fully suited when they get in the truck.

Our military wears all of their gear when they train.

Policemen have their bullet-proof vests on routine patrol and they are even armed during their off-duty time.

These servicemen all keep their gear clean and organized so they are ready in a moments notice. A wise Christian is ready for action in the same way. Luke 12:35-48 is all about Christian readiness and their fate if they are found otherwise.

The Messy House

Anyone whose house has been a mess when they were surprised by a drop in guest, might have just a taste of the surprise we will feel if the Lord comes back and finds our spiritual house is in disorder.

Avoiding the fate of those caught short requires us to be ready – as if the Lord will be here momentarily. Our text shows us much praise for the diligent servant.

For those caught sleeping? The punishment is swift and severe – especially when they knew better. (Luke 12:47)

Keeping the House Clean

Just like being ready for visitors requires daily attention in our houses, we need daily maintenance for ourselves. We should be planning for the Lord to return at any time, and we should be helping others prepare.

In addition to understanding and coming to Christ through his Plan of Salvation, We are to be trying to live as perfectly as we can in his service. It is a lifelong process of dedication and growth. It is easy to get started and to create the habits needed to be one of the “faithful servants.”

  1. Study – 2 Timothy 2:15 KJV. Understanding the Bible will help you avoid depending on others
  2. Teach – 2 Timothy 2:2. Being capable of teaching helps you stay prepared
  3. Choose friends wisely – Galatians 5:7-9. Friends are a lot like the leaven. Their influence will spread into our lives
  4. Avoid the filth – Philippians 4:8. What we expose ourselves to and think about directly impacts our attitudes

Ready For Visitors

Whether we get into a situation where we can defend God’s word or Christ returns, we need to be ready. Starting with these basic things will help us mature. (Romans 10:17)

Being on the path to maturity is they only place we will want Jesus to find us!


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