Daily Bible Reading for Thursday, February 22nd:

How God Addresses a Lump of Cells

Baby in the womb at 17 weeks sucking his thumb and waving

Baby in the womb at 17 weeks sucking his thumb and waving

It’s a baby.

Through his inspired writers, the Holy Spirit gave us the exact words to indicate how God feels about things. In Luke 1:41 and Luke 1:44, he calls a child in the womb “the baby.”

Throughout Luke 1, Elizabeth’s unborn child was able to be selected by God, be filled with the Spirit, and was aware when the unborn Jesus came into the room.

Who in history do we know that might have been more inconvenienced by an unplanned pregnancy than Mary – especially in her place and time? What if she decided to exercise her “rights” over her body?

In addition to this one event, there are a few more scriptures that reinforce that the only difference between an unborn life and a born life being that one is in the womb and one is not.

Take a look at these with me (as always, you can hover over the references to read the passage):

  • Galatians 1:15 – Paul was set apart even before his birth
  • Jeremiah 1:4-5 – Jeremiah was known by God even before he was “in the womb.”
  • Isaiah 49:1 – Isaiah was called “from the womb.”
  • Psalm 139:11-16 – we are wonderfully made!
  • Proverbs 6:17 – A few things God hates

It is challenging to go against the noisy crowd in these moral issues, but Christians have to keep trying. God’s word is not subject to change based on popularity.


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