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Our Communication Line

October 14, 2013

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When most people recite something from Romans 8, they go for Romans 8:28 – “…all things work together for good…”

I’d like to direct your attention to the verses before it though. God gave us the gift of prayer as a way to talk to him, but have you ever been at a loss for words? Have you ever worried that you would say the wrong things? Romans 8:26-27 should be a comfort in these cases.

God wants to know what we need and what is on our heart. His gift to New Testament Christians is the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38f) acting as our mediator to him. We don’t have to depend on the shortcomings of our earthly languages or knowledge to have access to the Father!

Daily Bible reading for October 14

Psalm 74
1 Kings 8:22-66
Ezekiel 36
Romans 7

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