Daily Bible Reading for Sunday, February 18th:

Build Upon the Rock

God and Especially Jesus are referred to as our rock throughout the Bible. The psalmist builds on that idea: For the righteous, he is a firm foundation (Psalm 28). In Moses’ song, he praises the safety of the rock and shows the folly of other choices. (Deuteronomy 32)

Who Builds on the Rock?

The challenge for us is to build and trust in the rock of our salvation, not stumble over it in spite of ourselves. Some things to remember about where we build our house from Matthew 7:21-27:

Our choices are to build on the rock or on the sand

Our choices are to build on the rock or on the sand

  • Not everyone that claims to follow God will be saved
  • A few “good” works will not save us
  • True faith and love in Jesus is where we begin our relationship and building our lives.
  • Building a life on Christ means obedience to him
  • Any deviation from his will transfers us over the shifty sand
  • One the edifice built on the rock will survive the wind and the rain

The pursuit of a life build on Jesus will have great results, but dependence one’s self will result in a great fall.

Daily Bible reading for August 30

Psalm 28
1 Samuel 17
Habakkuk 3
Luke 1:1-25

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