Daily Bible Reading for Sunday, February 18th:

The Clutter of Life

As I was cleaning out my sold house in preparation for closing this week, I was amazed by the amount of “stuff” I was storing that was not worth the space it occupied. Items that contributed nothing to household and could be thrown away without a conscience. Junk that detracted from the beauty of other things that I own.

A Cluttered life

The clutter in our habits and our schedule can hide the beauty of our heart.

That makes me wonder what I have using up the space in my life. Things that eat up my time and attention that do not contribute to God, family or my own spiritual needs.

Psalm 15 asks a related question: “Who is going to dwell with God?” Certainly not those who have clutter in their lives that keep them from practicing all that God wants from us.

Daily Bible reading for August 17

Psalm 15
1 Samuel 2:12-36
Jeremiah 46-47
Mark 14


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