Daily Bible Reading for Wednesday, January 24th:

In Memory

Observing Christ’s Memory

As you go into your next church service, here are some thoughts for reflection while you participate in the Lord’s Supper to honor his memory. Look over Matthew 26 and 27 or Luke 22 and 23:cross

  • Jesus was full of sorrow and dread as the time approached for his crucifixion.
  • Jesus could have put a stop to it at any point.
  • He had to endure a crowd of his people choosing a horrible, vile man over him
  • Even someone suffering the same fate mocked him.

Some waited until it was too late to admit that “Truly he was the Son of God!” They realized they were too late to be able to enjoy being in his physical presence.

What can you start doing today to be a credit to his sacrifice? What would you miss if you suddenly realized it is too late?

Daily Bible reading for July 21

Song of Solomon 1:1-8
Joshua 23-24
Jeremiah 15:10-16:21
Matthew 27:27-66


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