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Being Known By Our Fruit

July 3, 2013

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They shall be know by their fruit

They shall be know by their fruit

The world (and many that claim to be Christians) will use Matthew 7:1 as a way to avoid being told they are living wrong. To make that verse an instruction against judging good and evil causes a conflict with nearly everything else Jesus taught.

Take for instance Matthew 12:33-37. Jesus gives us a benchmark on how to tell the difference between good and evil. We can use a person’s actions and their speech to determine what kind of people they are because:

  • We can easily know the kind of tree by the fruit hanging on it.
  • Good speech comes from good people
  • Good things come from good treasure

In this passage, Jesus tells us we simply cannot be expected to consider sinful people good.

To prove my point, I challenge the reader to a little mental exercise. What goodness is demonstrated by a few of these “harmless” activities?

  • Gambling (The lottery, gas station slots, boy’s night poker games)
  • Social Drinking
  • Showing cleavage (Or dressing immodestly in other ways)
  • Crude language

Through Jesus’ point we can understand our lifestyle is a very accurate indicator of what is inside our heart. It will definitely be used in the final judgment!

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