Daily Bible Reading for Sunday, February 18th:

Coming of Age

old and young

A lot of attention is given to age in our society. At thirty four, one is considered to be getting too old to play professional sports (or at least the athlete is considered extraordinary if he is hanging in there) and too young to be president.

When Paul told Timothy not to let people trick him out of his authoritative position because of his age, (1 Timothy 4:12) he gave us a signal that there are no age limits in either direction for being a teacher or a Christian example. Our young men that have obeyed the gospel should be given every opportunity to serve the church. We often refer to them as tomorrow’s church, but we should offer them the opportunity to take mature roles as soon as they are scripturally ready, not based on just some arbitrary age.

Our attention is to be given to the doctrine. The word, the manner, the love, the faith – these are the aspects that we all should be giving our attention. Physical health and ability is important, but it is godliness that important now and in the future. (1 Timothy 4:8)

 Daily Bible reading for May 28

Psalm 147
Numbers 33:1-49
Joel 2:1-17
1 Timothy 4


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