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But, What Do You Do By Faith?

April 27, 2013

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God never accepted faith only from his people

Sacrifice of Isaac – Caravaggio – 1603

Ephesians 2:8-9 is the corner stone for those who build a case for salvation by faith only. The whole idea of “salvation through faith only” was started by Martin Luther, who was born in 1483. Since there is no evidence of the concept prior to that, we might say it is a “new” idea. But you see, Luther had a problem with his theory. The problem was the book of James. He insulted James and tried to cast doubt as to whether it was even a book of the Bible. James 2:24 says that man is not justified by faith alone. (This is also the only place in the Bible where the words “faith” and “alone” or “only” appear side by side!) James also says that faith without works is dead. (James 2:26)

Five Points that Counter “Faith Only” Doctrine

I just want to leave here a list of things to think about if you have need to debate the Gospel’s plan of salvation vs. the invented “faith only” route to salvation. These thoughts should be sufficient for negating Ephesians 2:8-9 as the proof text for “faith only” doctrine

  1. In Ephesians, the works Paul mentioned were words of the Law of Moses.
  2. In James’ letter, he is talking about works of faith.
  3. John 6:29 shows us that faith is a work
  4. Romans 2:6 is very clear that the judgment will include an account of our deeds.
  5. In Hebrews 11, a list of faithful men had to act on their faith to please God.

Faith is a necessity of salvation, to be sure. It is also a necessity to teach and follow the whole counsel of God. (Acts 20:26-27)

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What the Bible says about “Faith Only”

April 27, 2013

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Here is an exhaustive listing of the places in the Bible that mention “faith only” (Or “faith alone” depending on your version)

  1. Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only. – James 2:24 KJV

Yes that’s it. The complete and unabridged list. While faith is a very important part of salvation, is it not the only part.

Please see my page on the Gospel Plan of Salvation for more.

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