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Psalm 90:12-17 – Living Like it is Your Last

October 31, 2011

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12 Teach us how short our lives really are
so that we may be wise.
13 Lord, how long before you return
and show kindness to your servants?
14 Fill us with your love every morning.
Then we will sing and rejoice all our lives.
15 We have seen years of trouble.
Now give us as much joy as you gave us sorrow.
16 Show your servants the wonderful things you do;
show your greatness to their children.
17 Lord our God, treat us well.
Give us success in what we do;
yes, give us success in what we do
. – Psalm 90:12-17 NCV


Psalm 90 is Moses’ reflection and prayer to the Eternal God. In a previous post, I listed few Scriptures that reinforced the Proverbs 27:1 advice against depending on tomorrow to come. We can depend on God’s favor flowing down to us when we have allowed ourselves to be used as God’s workmen during the short time that we are here. Moses asked God to continue to love his people so their children could see the wonder of that love.

In this same way we should be living so our children and others see the happiness this life of service brings.

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